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We deliver high quality patient care; we will continuously improve the quality and efficacy of our care.

We will be the foremost provider of out-of-hospital care in Northern Nevada and a model for rural Emergency Medical Services delivery.

We will be leaders in our community and in the field of Emergency Medical Services.  

We will develop partnerships and people to make our organization stronger, community safer and citizens healthier.  

We will always act in a professional, courteous, and compassionate manner.

Our Stations

Elko County Ambulance Billing Office

Our Billing Offices are Located in the Fiscal Affairs Department of the Elko County Administration Building. The Fiscal Affairs Office is located on the first floor next to the room that Commissioner Meetings are held.

This office is responsible for Accepting Payments and handling Patient Records Requests.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM

Elko Ambulance Main Office

The Elko Station is the primary station and headquarters for Elko County Ambulance Service.

This station is staffed 24 hours per day by dedicated career and volunteer EMS Providers with two ambulances staffed at the paramedic level. This station responds to all EMS calls in the Elko, Spring Creek, and unincorporated areas of Elko County.

This station also provides Advanced Life Support intercept for other agencies such as Carlin, Wells, Tribal, and Mine Rescue. This station also controls our Major Emergency Response Vehicle (MERV-1), reserve ambulances, and Supervisors.

Jackpot Ambulance Station

The Jackpot Station is a rural station servicing the Town of Jackpot and unincorporated areas of Elko County in the area of Jackpot.

This station is staffed by dedicated career and volunteer EMS Providers staffing at least one ambulance 24 hours per day. This Station is collocated with, and assisted by, the Jackpot Fire Department. This Station responds to EMS calls in the Jackpot area including a significant portion of Highway 93.

About Elko County

At 17,203 square miles, Elko County is the 2nd largest county in Nevada
and the 4th largest in the United States (not counting the Alaska boroughs)
and it is bordered by both Utah and Idaho. The county has an estimated
population base of 51,216 which is up from the 48,818 people according
to the 2010 census.  The county has a large transient population as it is
the hub for the gold mines and other natural resources in the area.  It
also has a large ranching community being home to some of the largest
ranches in the state.

Our Partners

ImageTrend Elite Logo

ImageTrend Elite

Our mission at ImageTrend is to create a better world through technical innovation. We achieve this goal by starting slow, working small, and planning long term while visioning big.

We believe ImageTrend succeeds by helping our customers and business partners succeed and attain their goals. The success of any individual employee is tied to the success of the group, and the success of the group requires every individual to succeed professionally and personally.

Elko Central Dispatch Logo

Elko Central Dispatch

To enhance the quality of officer and citizen safety by handling 911 and other calls for service in a prompt, courteous, professional manner.  To dispatch necessary emergency services expediently and concisely thereby saving lives and protecting property.  To ascertain and maintain information as support for our user agencies in the delegation of their duties.

HSI Logo

HSI Health

At HSI, we have always prided ourselves in being more than just a billing company.   We are a partner to clients who need a reliable, trusted source for all aspects of their revenue cycle management.  We take this responsibility seriously.  HSI’s goal is to provide world-class service by using our proprietary cutting-edge technology and highly-trained professionals and to remain invested in continuous process improvement for the betterment of our clients.