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Interfacility Non Emergency Transports

Elko County Ambulance Service provides interfacility transports between facilities including hospitals and nursing facilities. Local interfacility transports can be arranged on an immediate basis. Interfacility transports to facilities outside the local area are scheduled and arranged on an as needed basis according to service capabilities. In accordance with federal guidelines, all interfacility transports are arranged according with respect to medical necessity and reasonableness. A physician certification statement (PCS) must be completed to certify that medical necessity is met.

Bariatric Transports

Additionally Elko County Ambulance Service provides bariatric transports in the Elko area. Bariatric Transports are completed with a modified ambulance that can accommodate patients that weigh 350 to 1.200 pounds. This modified ambulance is equipped with special equipment designed to safely and comfortably transport bariatric transports.

Requesting a Bariatric Transport

If you are requiring a Bariatric Transport for an Emergency, Call 911 and Inform the dispatcher that the patient may need a bariatric transport unit.

If you are requiring a Bariatric Transport for a Non-Emergency Situation please follow the same procedure you would for a normal Non-Emergency Transport just request the Bariatric Unit. Non Emergency Bariatric Transports must meet medical necessity requirements and have a completed Physicians Certification Statement.

Requesting an Interfacility Transport

Please Ensure you have a completed PCS. You can download one by clicking the button below.

Contact Central Dispatch at their Non-Emergency Number 775.777.7300

Additionally you may Contact Ambulance Director Lee Cabaniss at 775.397.7190

Physician Certification Statement