Spring Creek Station Operational

SPRING CREEK – Spring Creek’s 24/7 ambulance service is up and running.

The Spring Creek station is staffed with one paramedic and one advanced EMT on duty all day every day of the week.

“The Spring Creek Ambulance is supported by the Elko Ambulance Station,” said Emergency Medical Services Chief Chris McHan. “We are working closely with the Elko County Fire Protection District to prepare for and respond to emergencies and look forward to a newly renovated station near the roundabout soon.”

McHan noted that “many of our employees call Spring Creek home and we are excited to have an ambulance in Spring Creek.”

In October, Elko County Commissioners approved a lease for a temporary station on Spring Valley Parkway in Vista Grande – Tract 200 section, at Fire Station 29, which will operate in the evenings and throughout the night. Fire Station 28 on Licht Parkway near the roundabout was also selected as daytime station.

The Elko County Ambulance Service encourages people to call 911 in the event of an emergency.

A non-emergency dispatch line is to be called for requests for service other than an emergency at 775-777-7304.

Spring Creek residents can also contact a supervisor at 775-397-6332 or 775-738-7406.

For updates, follow the Elko County Ambulance Service on Facebook.

Elko Daily Free Press